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Name:Annie, use your telescope
Location:United States of America
life is sweet in the belly of the beast

Je suis…
Annie, 21, psychology major, literature minor, future therapist (LCSW), INFJ, Ravenpuff, vegetarian, liberal, feminist, supporter of equal rights, DC resident, Pittsburgher, reader, occasional writer, knitter, family & friends = everything.

Taking Back Sunday, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, Evgeni Malkin, Inception, Tom Hardy, ArthurxEames, The Beatles, Harry Potter, RemusxSirius, RonxHermione, HarryxGinny, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, FinnickxAnnie, KatnissxPeeta, Once Upon A Time, SnowxCharming, Law & Order SVU, OliviaxElliot, Queer As Folk, BrianxJustin, MichaelxBen, TedxBlake, Top Chef, Merlin (currently 1/2 through Series 2), MerlinxArthur, vegetarian food/cooking, exploring, laughing.

Some fandom things…
-My journal is mostly IRL posts, but I tend to fangirl.
-I keep up with fandom happenings and read/rec fanfic.
-I've been known to write fanfiction, but rarely and anonymously.
-I am most familiar with the Harry Potter, Inception, Tom Hardy, and hockey fandoms.
-I am currently most into the Merlin fandom, although I'm new.
-My all-time OTPs are Arthur/Eames (Inception), Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter).
-I do not follow or read hockey fanfiction (but it's ok if you do).
-I stay away from non-con, dub-con and incest in fanfic; everything else is pretty much a-ok (although I sometimes flinch at mpreg).

{ wear }


[ wear ]

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